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Tonja Weimer has been coaching singles, professionals, and individuals for over twenty years. Her results are nothing short of amazing; just ask her former clients who have found their significant relationship, made advances in their careers that they never felt possible, discovered their true occupational joy, or simply brought more happiness into their lives. 



Tonja Evetts Weimer is an author, columnist, Life Coach and Relationship Coach, specializing in the challenges for today’s singles. Her newspaper column, SAVVY DATING, ran in daily and weekly newspapers across the U.S. and Canada, reached 4 million people weekly and won three Matrix awards. 

As a Master Certified Relationship Coach, she helps singles (many who are divorced, or are single parents) design and re-craft their lives. Tonja has been a motivational keynote speaker at hundreds of national and international conferences over the last 30 years. She draws on this motivational experience and on her graduate research in human development to help her clients find creative solutions to more rewarding lives. 

Tonja has written articles that have appeared in House Beautiful, New Woman, Grandparents, and Hope magazines, as well as numerous Internet magazines.

Tonja has an M.A in Human Development and began her career as an educator and international consultant. During those years she created award-winning materials for parents, children, and teachers. Her books, music, and other materials (7 books, 6 music albums, 2 videos) won 22 national and international awards.

Tonja lost her voice in 2001 and in alignment with her philosophy, she re-crafted her life by going back to school to become a Master Certified Relationship and Life Coach. She continues to coach and manages her international practice from Greenville, SC, where she lives with her husband.

In March 2010, Tonja wrote THRIVING AFTER DIVORCE: Transforming Your Life When A Relationship Ends, Simon & Schuster/Beyond Words.

Additional Highlights:

-Single’s Relationship Expert for USA/NBC TV website for TV series, Starter Wife.

-Innovator and Leader of International Seminars for Singles, 2002 to present.

-International Coaching practice, 2002 to present.

-Master Certified Single’s Relationship Coach, Relationship Coaching Institute.

-Certified Life Coach and member, International Coach Federation.

-Keynote speaker in 35 US states.

-Presenter at the International Special Olympics in Notre Dame, at the request of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

-Requested by NASA to create Space Songs for Children, book and music album, which was taken into space by astronauts three times.

-Appeared on national and local TV shows including CNN’s Showbiz Today.

-Winner of a National Fellowship (U.S. Dept. of Education and U.S. Depts. of Mental Health) -- M.A. in Human Development.

-School Board member, The Blue Mountains School, Ootacamund, India.

-Equestrian of working cow horses and member of the American Quarter Horse Association. 

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People often seek coaching because they feel they're at an impasse in some area of their lives. They want a shift, an infusion of possibility and new ideas, and most of all, a different outcome, but they don't know where to find them.

Coaches ask empowering questions that help their clients look within to find beliefs and personal truths of which they may not have been aware. This Socratic method facilitates the discovery of unique and personal answers based on individual values, preferences and perspectives.

Tonja's clients become very clear about what they truly want, what their personal vision is for their lives, what their goals are for achieving that vision, and what actions they are willing to take. Most people want to improve the quality of their lives and their relationships; others want to find their significant one.

Clients receive premium and highly individualized care with a coaching program tailored to their specific challenges.

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