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Body Language Questionnaire - How to Tell If He Likes You

Are you attracted to someone? What does his body language say? Is he interested in you? How can you tell? Here are ten questions that will reveal if you have his attention and if he wants to get to know you. Consider the setting, the person, the age, and the culture. These generic questions apply to single men and women. Scoring information is at the bottom of the page. Ten Body Language Signs That Tell You How He Feels 1. He smiles at you. Whether you are across the room or within talking distance, he gives you a smile. 2. He makes eye contact. If he keeps looking at you and smiling, he is definitely interested. 3. He moves toward you. If he doesn't, but he keeps smiling and holding eye contact, and if you are interested, then move toward him. 4. His chest (heart area) faces you. When he talks to you, he faces you and does not turn away. 5. His toes point to you. If someone else comes up to talk to him, his toes may still be pointing toward you. If he's talking to you but his toes are pointing in another direction, he wants to walk away. 6. You walk rhythmically together. When the two of you walk somewhere, you do not bump or stumble into each other. 7. His eyes do not follow other women. He looks at you when he talks. 8. He continues to smile at you. If you leave the room and then return he has a big smile when he sees you. If he doesn't acknowledge your presence when you return, he probably isn't into you. 9. He gives you a full frontal hug. He does not give you the one shoulder hug. 10. He stands closer than normal when he is talking to you. He leans in to talk to you. What does his body language say? Give yourself one point for each gesture. A score of eight and above means there is strong promise. A score of five to eight means he may be confused about whether you like him or not, or... you may be confused about his level of interest. And a score of below five does not look hopeful, which means you do not need to waste your time. Someone wonderful is waiting for you.

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