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For Guys Only - 7 Dating Secrets to Keep Her Happy

Have some of your dates not turned out well? Do you know how to keep a girl happy and interested? Have you ever been confused by the way girls react to something you've done? Did you start off with good intentions, do something you thought was perfectly innocent, and wind up being the bad guy? Guys need to know the seven dating secrets to give them an edge, to be able to manage their dating life. Here are some interesting facts that could help you be a smarter single-or even-not single at all. For instance, did you know the following? Secret 1. Some boxes are dangerous. If you are giving a girl a present of any kind, never put it in a box that looks like a RING box. She may think you are giving her an engagement ring and proposing marriage. If you have been romantically involved for a while, this is a misunderstanding waiting to happen. It's unfortunate and amazing at how many guys do not know this. If you buy her earrings, bracelets, cuff links, necklaces, or give her keys to a new car-do not put them in a small box. Secret 2. Stand up straight! This may seem trivial, but first impressions mean everything. If you don't want to lose the girl before you are introduced, watch your posture. Slouching shoulders are a big turn off for everyone. Men with hunched shoulders look either infirm, at least 10 years older than they are, or lacking in confidence. Women are especially keen on wanting a guy who has confidence. If there are 20 handsome guys in a room with poor posture, and one ordinary looking man who is standing up straight, guaranteed-women will go for the guy who has his back straight. Secret 3. Sweep her off her feet. If you want to impress her and win her-learn to dance. Ask someone to teach you or go take some lessons. If she doesn't know how to dance, you will enjoy teaching her. Women want to go out on the dance floor and be swept away in your arms. But you can't do that if you're stepping on her feet. Secret 4. Learn to cook. Cooking has become a lost art for some career-minded men and women. But here's a special tip: you don't have to become a gourmet chef to impress her. If you master two or three dishes that you can make fairly well, your date will be grateful and flattered. Cooking for someone is a special gift. Secret 5. Knowing about Your Colors Become smart about what colors to wear. You do this by holding a garment close to your face to see if it enhances your appearance or makes you look older. If you can't tell, take a friend with you, preferably a woman, to help you choose. Secret 6. Remember Your Manners You may think that it is really out of date to open the car door for your date, or stand when she leaves the dinner table, or pull out a chair for her, but here's another big tip: women love guys with manners. Manners make her feel cherished and taken care of. Who wouldn't love that? Secret 7. Special Secret Tip What is the one apparel item that will make or break your first impression on her? Your shoes. Women spend hours shopping for shoes. They always notice what both men and women have on their feet. You can buy your clothes at a thrift shop if your budget is low and if they fit you well, but your best investment is in a good pair of shoes. Hopefully, these seven secrets will have you prepared and forewarned about what works with women and what doesn't.

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