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Guys Like Girls With These Three Qualities

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Do you know what guys really, really want? Do you understand the deeper qualities of attraction, and how to internalize them so they become a permanent part of who you are? If you want to meet someone wonderful and sustain a long term relationship, here are the three basic characteristics that a great guy looks for:

1. Someone who has a strong sense of self This includes a sense of personal responsibility, a career, emotional stability, and a network of support. Guys are drawn to a woman who has a healthy life and is not looking to him to provide the money, friends, or psycho therapy to keep them on track. If she has a good sense of humor, that also goes a long way. And if you DO meet a guy who wants to use his money as his personal capital to woo you--stand back. This is most likely a controlling, jealous type. You will regret this bargain if you exchange your looks/energy for his financial security.

2. Someone with style Whatever your style, when it's authentically you, from your clothes, to your hair, to your personal taste in jewelry, that's attractive. When you have pride in your appearance, people can't help but notice. If you show up dressed overtly sexy, ask yourself if you're trying to attract a one-night stand. If you want a relationship that has the possibility of lasting, dress appropriate to the setting and the occasion--attractive, flattering, but always, always with a core of dignity. Style is reflected in everything you do, right down to what you wear and how you live. What does your home environment say to people when they walk in? Is it warm, inviting, organized, and clean? Take another look at how you live. When people can recognize who you are and what you are because you put your stamp on life with your purpose, your taste, and the lens through which you look at everything, they are reassured that they are with a genuine person.

3. Someone who LISTENS What does a man seek--more than he realizes? A woman who loves and supports his mission in life. If you listen; if you reframe what he says and reflect it back to him in a way that shows you really understand and appreciate him--he will be hungry to spend more time with you. This is who guys like--and fall in love with. Girls who have the above qualities.

Visit for more information. Copyright 2020, Tonja Weimer. (Please note source if reprinting this article.)

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