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How to Attract Dates and Mates

Would you like to attract a great date, which eventually could turn into a mate? Your power to do this lies within a simple secret: discovering what is unique about you. Are you intriguing, interesting, or talented? You can find your ability to attract by polishing your skills, strengths, and personality. It's never too late to do this. Think about the following: 1. Knowing who you are NOT and what you do not want in your life is a good place to start on your path of self-discovery. 2. Looking at how you live your life tells you a lot. If you don't like your life, think about and visualize how you would like it to be. Take steps, one at a time, creating it the way you want it. Ask yourself: What do I want more of? What do I want less of? 3. Spend more time with people who care about the substance of their conversations and actions rather than those who are mindless about the meaning and purpose of their lives. The attitudes of the people you hang out with affect you more than you know. 4. Who you are has already been shaped. You can't get rid of yourself. You CAN spend time discovering what you value, what you must have in your life to make you happy, your talents, your taste and style, your unique abilities that can become skills with education and practice. 5. You can attract the person you want because you send out signals that are irresistible. You don't have to go chasing after love-you become a magnet to love when you are shimmering with energy from your own life and possibilities. 6. Don't compare yourself to Hollywood stars, models, and others. That would be unkind, unrealistic, and unappreciative of what you bring to the world. Focus on your strengths and be happy about them. Attraction comes when your awareness increases. As you know yourself better, you can see more of others. You can appreciate the traits and differences of individuals and allow people to be who they are without judgment. People feel safe around you because you have these qualities.

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