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How to Stay Cool For a Hot Date - Dating Tips to Give You Confidence

Are you going out with someone hot? Do you want to be cool, confident, and very attractive? Keep the following tips in mind: How To Stay Cool When Your Date Is Hot When you have a hot date, do you wait until the absolute last minute to decide what to wear? Or do you rush out to buy something new, get a haircut, and clean your house and your car - all in one day? Not a good idea. Trying to do too much in too little time to get ready for a date will leave you feeling frazzled. You won't look or feel your best. Here's your checklist: Tip #1. Find out where you're going. The key to staying cool is to know where you're going before the date. Whether it's the first date or the tenth, you want to be clear what the appropriate dress code is. Tip #2. Get your clothes ready. Stay cool by trying your clothes on the week - or at least the day before - to see if they're clean, if they fit you, and if you feel good in them. Tip #3. Wear something flattering that fits. To feel assured you are attractive on your hot date, wear something you already have that others have told you looks good. Wearing a new outfit before it is "audience tested" is taking an unnecessary chance that you won't look your absolute best. Tip #4. Be cool with colors. If you want to look hot, your best colors to wear match the color of your eyes. Navy blue also works well for men and gives a calming presence. Corals are attractive for women and give a feminine allure. Bright white or fire engine red usually work best on people with dark hair and tan to dark skin. If you don't know what shades of colors look best on you, hold the garment close to your face and then ask a friend. Tip #5. Clean up your spaces. Messy is not cool. Wherever you spend a lot of time, clean it up before you go out on a date. Whether it's your car, your office, or your home, you need to de-clutter and organize it. First of all, when you do this, you will have more energy and a clear head. Showing up for a date with those two qualities going for you makes you a winner. Second, you want to be able to be spontaneous when you go out. You may want to show your date where you work. Or, you may want to come back to your place to watch a movie. And finally, if you need to pick your date up or drop them off, you want your car to look relatively decent. Get it washed, take out the trash, vacuum up the animal hair or dirt. Everything you do in the early dating stages makes a statement about you. What would you like that to be? Tip #6. Meeting up with friends. In order to remain cool, if you are planning a date that includes other people, and those people are YOUR people - you need to prepare both sides. Your date needs enough information about your friends to be able to make appropriate conversation. Let your date and your friends know before hand of any subjects that are off-limits. Tip #7. Best dating venues. It may not be cool to have dinner and a movie with someone you don't know well. Since you can't talk in a movie, it's hard to get to know each other. Lunch in a bag outside in the park could work. Guys like dates that involve some activity so you could eat and then walk and talk. The best tip to stay cool for a hot date is to be prepared, organized, and relaxed... which you can do if you remember the above.

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