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The Number One Most Romantic Date

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Have you met someone exciting and you want to plan a memorable date? Do you want a date that will be something super special? If you're really looking forward to getting to know this person, and you want to share an unforgettable moment, here is the romantic date that will capture anyone's heart. What is the Number One most romantic date? A catered lunch by a waterfall. First, get out your local and state maps and see if you have a waterfall within a reasonable distance from where you live. If you have to take more than an hour and a half to get to it, you will turn this date into a marathon rather than a romance. Also, contact several caterers and ask if they know of a place where you can do this. If you can't find one that caters lunch by a waterfall, buy a prepared picnic basket. If you are a spectacular cook, and if you feel like it, make your own. Find out what kind of food your date likes. Add candles, flowers, and a CD player with some romantic CDs for background music if you're going to a private place. If you don't have access to a waterfall, scout for a reasonably fun place for a picnic that is near the sound of water. Maybe you can find a boat. Whether you are riding the Staten Island Ferry at night, admiring the Manhattan skyline, or paddling on a small pond in a row boat, boat rides and water can stir a person's thoughts and emotions. If you ask good questions, you are likely to get a flow of conversation going. Again, you have the mesmerizing water which leads to a serene adventure. If you can't get access to a boat, or you don't have a beach nearby to sit and hear the waves, try the courthouse, museum, or college campus with a water feature which still gives you the magic and romance of water. Finally, if none of the above are available, sitting on a park bench in the rain, under a big umbrella, sipping a cup of hot soup, hot coffee, and enjoying a homemade cookie isn't too bad either! Most importantly, don't forget to bring yourself. You don't want to get so caught up in the planning, your best self forgets to show up.

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