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Is He Marriage Material? Six Signs That Tell If He Is

Would you like to know if the guy you are dating is marriage material? Are you falling in love and want to have a future with him? There are signs that can help you see your potential mate through a lens of both romance and reality. It's called being conscious and aware during the dating stage. How do you know if he is the marrying kind? BEFORE you get intimately involved and think you want to marry someone, take a look at this checklist: 1. Ask him what he wants. If he is inclined to think about marriage, this question will bring you the most honest response if you ask it on the first date. (Once someone is invested in you, they are going to tell you what you want to hear.) Remember: you are going to LISTEN and you are going to be conscious when your date talks. If he says he is unable to think of spending his whole life with one person, can you let that in? For many people, this answer flips an ego switch that says, "I will be the one who will change this person's habits, their mind, and their plan for their life." If you think this, you are setting yourself up for disillusionment. PASS this one by. 2. Look for signs of his honesty. Do you want to marry him? Beware if he talks about how he cheated on his ex and shows very little guilt about it. You are kidding yourself if you think he wouldn't do it to you. Other signs of honesty to look for are: does he lie to someone in order to look good? Does he tell the truth, even when it is hard to do? Does he bring things home from work that don't belong to him, and keep them? Does he lie about his age, his income, or even about who he's with? This date can't be trusted. The first date should be the last one. 3. Is he nice to you, but talks behind other's backs? Is he marriage material? Pay attention if he is extra sweet to you but makes mean remarks about other people. Guaranteed: some day, you will be his target too. If he says mean things, takes actions toward others that shock you, or reacts publicly or privately in unkind ways to people, you have a big problem on your hands. What would a girl with strong self esteem do? She wouldn't date someone who could hurt her or others. 4. Is he responsible? If you want to marry him, look to see if he takes care of his pets, plants, home, and family. Does he keep his word, show up on time, and do what he says he will? Is he is also financially responsible, doesn't spend extravagantly, or gamble? 5. Does he have friends? If he is marriage material, he will meet new friends easily and sustain old friendships for a lifetime. It's hard to get through a life, a marriage, or a career without friends. You want someone who also welcomes your friends, as you welcome theirs. 6. Is he crazy about you? And finally, you want someone who cares deeply about you. You want to be treasured, adored, respected, and loved. If the feelings are mutual, and he has all of the above characteristics...keep him.

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